Lepidium Meyenii

Maca HP

Organic Premium-Quality Fresh Maca

The High Potency Maca with 33% Higher Concentration of Health-boosting

Nature360’s High Potency MACA HP is No Ordinary Maca

Unlike typical Maca which is derived from Maca root dried under the scorching mountain sun for several months degrading its nutritional content, Nature 360’s MACA HP is derived from fresh Maca using our proprietary dehydration techniques.

The drying down ratio for MACA HP is 4:1 (it takes 4 kg of fresh Maca to produce 1 kg of MACA HP), that is why MACA HP contains NLT 0.8% Glucosinolates with no excipients in comparison with Maca extracts that are often standarized to 0.6 % Glucosinolates. That’s a 33% higher concentration of these health-revitalizing wonder with MACA HP.

Maca helps boost physical and mental energy and so much more

Maca is known as a “superfood,” an adaptogenic herb that allows the
body to adapt to a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and hormonal
stresses. It helps promote:
• Physical Energy and Stamina
• Superior Athletic Performance
• Hormonal Balance
• Mental Energy and Alertness
• An Overall Feeling of Calmness and Vitality

MACA HP mixes easily Into foods and supplement

Maca HP powder can be taken alone as a supplement,
combined into multi-nutrient formulas, or mixed into
foods such as:
• Energy Bars
• Baked Goods
• Smoothies or Oatmeal
It is also available in veggie dices for easy brewing into
tea and other beverages.

Maca: High Fiber, Low Fat and Nutrient Rich

Maca, which is naturally grown in the high elevations of the Andes Mountains, is a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, cauliflower and kale. It is high in
fiber, low in fat and nutrient rich.

It is packed with healthy plant sterols and is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and iron. Maca has been revered in Peruvian culture for its wide ranging medicinal uses for more than 2000 year.

Certified Organic, Gluten-Free and Kosher

Nature360’s MACA HP is certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as having its purity and manufacturing processes certified as:

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Ready for Immediate Shipment

Nature360’s Organic MACA HP is ready for immediate shipment (powder or dices). We will also help you skip the export/import bureaucracies and other hurdles that might get in the way of your manufacturing schedule.