Providing U.S. Manufacturers Easy Access to Peru’s
Most Nutrition-Rich, Natural Ingredients

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, Nature360 provides U.S. manufacturers with easy access to the healthiest natural ingredients from the rainforests, mountains, and farmlands of Peru.

Nutrition-Rich Sweet Flavorings

A Wide Variety of Sweet Flavorings and Presentations to Suit Your Needs

Nature360 provides a wide variety of nutrition-rich sweet flavorings in easy-to-mix presentations including powders, extracts and juice concentrates, as well as dehydrated berries, with organic and conventional options, and are certified as gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.


Smallanthus sonchifolius

The Nutrition-Pack Natural Sweetener


Pouteria lucuma

Exotic Fruity Sweetness Similar to Mango


Prosopis pallida

Nutrition-Rich Chocolate Flavor


Vaccinium Corymbosum

Delicious Berry Flavor Packed with Antioxidant

Golden Berry

Physalis peruviana L.

Sweet and Sour, and Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

The Most Nutrition-Rich Natural Super-Nutrients from the Rainforests, Mountains, and Farmlands of Peru

At Nature360, we offer the most nutrition-rich natural super ingredients from throughout Peru.  Whether you are looking for medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, roots or pods, Nature360 is committed to providing gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients for healthy snack foods, bake goods, beverages and supplements. Naure360 offers both organic and conventional options.

Nature360 is dedicated to a model of local sustainability for farmers in underdeveloped regions of the world, and is proud to support dedicated farmers who care about the land and the quality of the natural products they produce.

Potent Super Ingredients Include:

Camu Camu

Myrciaria dubia

The Cherry-Like Fruit Loaded with Vitamin C

Cat’s Claw

Uncaria tomentosa

The Medicinal Herb That Helps Ease Joint Aches and Pains

Golden Berry

Physalis peruviana L.

Sweet and Sour, and Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Maca HP

Lepidium meyenii

High-Potency Maca HP for Enhanced Physical and Mental Energy

Tara Protein

Caesalpinia spinosa

To Build Muscle and control Weight


Manihot Esculenta

This High Fiber, Low Fat Root Vegetable Also Promotes Healthy Digestion

Proudly Certified

Nature360 offers both certified organic and conventional options, and the purity and manufacturing processes for all Nature360 ingredients are certified as:

Ready for Immediate Shipment

Nature360’s Organic products are ready for immediate shipment. We will also help you skip the export/import bureaucracies and other hurdles that might get in the way of your manufacturing schedule.